If you're looking for the perfect car to take out on the weekends, in some ways you might be spoilt for choice. With so many high-performance sports vehicles on the street today, all with different body styles, performance, and prices, there's potentially quite a few vehicles out there that meet the criteria of your 'dream car' - so how are you going to make your choice?

In this blog post, we'll take you through some of the factors you should be considering when choosing a sports car to enjoy on the weekend, and some of our top suggestions based on the cars available from our dealership.

What factors should I be considering?

When you're buying a weekend sports car, its handling should be one of your primary concerns: a sports car needs to have a quick steering response and communicative steering feedback, as well as minimal body lean - you'll need to do more than a quick test drive to make sure that the car you're buying is as driveable as you want it to be.

Thinking about the wheels and tyres you're after is also important with these cars. For many, a rear- or all-wheel drive setup with high-performance summer tyres is the way to go, however if your budget doesn't stretch far enough to accommodate for these, you'll need to think about opting for more standard features in this area.

On the other hand, because this car will be primarily driven on the weekends and won't get much mileage, fuel economy won't be as much of a concern, especially when compared to factors such as the type of engine and other high-performance features.

New or used?

It's likely that across the board, most people would prefer to buy a car new for this kind of purpose - you know what you're getting, don't have to worry about hidden issues, and it's in mint condition - but these factors also have to be weighed up against the rapid depreciation that occurs with new cars.

If you are opting for a used sports car, you'll have to thoroughly test it since these cars are vulnerable to the types of problems that lead to repairs in the future. You may want to take it a step further and check for wear to the clutch, brakes, and tyres - but getting a mechanic involved is key in identifying any other issues.

Find your dream car today

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a sports car for the weekend. Whether it's the Hyundai i30, Mazda MX-5, or even a Mini Cooper that you're after, one of our dealers will be able to sort you out - and our dealerships are everywhere. Take a look around our website, and find the closest dealer near you, today.