Many first-time buyers are unsure if they should go for a warranty, especially when in the market to buy used cars. But, whether you're looking for something new or second-hand, it's important to know the facts when picking up a car with a warranty attached. Read on to discover how you can get the most out of your protection plan.

What does a car warranty cover?

If you're unsure about buying a car under warranty, a great place to start is learning exactly what's involved. Car warranties are designed to ensure that you won't get caught out by manufacturing defects, but they do cover a few other key things too. These include repairs on vital engine systems, such as emissions and the 'powertrain' - all the parts involved in propulsion of the vehicle. Some warranties even cover the audio system of your car, or offer roadside assistance in the case of a breakdown.

Is it worth it?

The peace of mind that comes with a warranty is valuable, but there are a few other things to look for if you want to get the most out of a deal. A warranty should guarantee quality repairs that are simple to claim, but the protection plans that are really worth it will go above and beyond - offering a courtesy car while repairs are made, or somewhere to wait with Wi-Fi if you need to get in contact with someone. The best warranties also offer secondary services - road-safe certificates, tyre replacements, and wheel balancing - so you can get all the work your car needs done in one place.

Things to watch out for in a car warranty

Buying your new car under warranty will help take the pressure off later on, but does require a little scrutiny up front. Before you accept one, make sure you know what will make it void, such as neglecting to get the car serviced, or by carrying out servicing yourself. It's also recommended that you know exactly how long the warranty will last, so you don't end up planning to get repairs covered outside of the warranty's lifetime. A warranty usually lasts five years, or around 200,000 kilometres, whichever is relevant first. In Australia, warranties have been increasing in coverage length to stay competitive, and you may find that some offer even six or seven years of cover.

Talk to the car experts!

At the end of the day, it's always best to talk to a specialist. Finding cars for sale is one thing, finding the right one for you is what we are here for. Contact one of our dealers today, and we'll see that you drive away happy.