Electric vehicles, new safety features, and greater performance. While 2018 showed considerable promise in the way of exciting new cars, you'll find the latest vehicles of 2019 are the standouts with your local car dealer. With technology changing constantly in cars every year, we take every chance we can get to look under the hood and discover all the upgraded and advanced features. Let's take a look at what 2019 has in store for car enthusiasts everywhere:

Electric vehicles in 2019

Electric vehicle (EV) technology continues to evolve, and this year is no different. The last two years delivered an increasing amount of EV tech. but 2019 has seen an acceleration of what's available. Apart from Mitsubishi and Nissan Leaf most of the offerings are still at the premium end of the market. However 2020 is when an avalanche of product will be available at more price points. We are also seeing new offers from Mercedes and Porsche that are faster, have longer range and take less time to charge. As these cars become less expensive we'll see more of them on the roads. At the same time better quicker charging stations are being rolled out across the country. You can expect a lot of interesting new launches in the space.

Making safety a priority

Safety features a great draw for many potential buyers, and 2019's vehicles once again improve on the fantastic safety design of 2018. The safety features previously only available in luxury cars are now available in almost every new car. Most affordable hatchbacks now come with the latest in safety - for example Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA), Lane Keep Assist (LKA), Driver Attention Warning (DAA), and an energy-absorbing steering column to reduce the risk of injury in a head-on collision. All this, and we still haven't covered the advanced dual front airbags and Occupant Classification System to detect the number of individuals in the vehicle, making the Veloster - and many, many other vehicles in 2019 - one of the safest and most-advanced vehicles at your local car dealer.

Advanced car connectivity

New EV models and vastly improved safety technology are by far the responsible features emerging in 2019, but some of the coolest is without a doubt the increased connectivity in 2019 car models. For example, most new cars in 2019 will include full connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa interfaces. Other affordable vehicles for first-time drivers and commuters offer full smartphone connectivity and wireless charging, and many are compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch devices.

Your trusted local car dealer in Australia

Has 2019 got you excited for a new car and new technology? If you can't wait to discover the range of new vehicles appearing at your local car dealership, head on down to the nearest dealer and speak to one of our helpful team. With an amazing range of new and used cars for sale QLD, NSW and VIC wide, you're never far from you next new car.